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Nightmare Football is all about you having the most fun. This is NOT a site dedicated to slandering any NFL players (other than Mark Sanchez). It is built by pure lovers of the game, who in fact have immense respect for even the least productive players in the NFL (other than Mark Sanchez). The amount of time, commitment, and skill required to get to the NFL level is almost beyond belief. (but we still can’t figure out how Sanchez got in there). We are only having fun with their stats (and Mark Sanchez), and nothing more. Remember, you cannot beat math! Nightmare Football is the ultimate outlet for fan’s worries and criticisms, even of own team. And no, it’s not really about cheering AGAINST people, because you can cheer FOR your opponent’s team.

A note on injuries: Praying for your player to get injured during a game so he can get less points will ignite the full fury of the Nightmare Football gods. They will ensure your karma is vanquished! Instead, do the honest thing, simply pray for them to suck!

Nightmare Football: It’s all about finding the worst of the best!

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