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Almost there.
Stop living in fantasy world.
Projections are for fantasy. Reality is for nightmare.
You cannot beat math.
It’s all the Rage.
More smart; Less thought.
Don’t thinks so much.
Be rain, man.
Set the rain man on fire.
This ain’t your dad’s fantasy.
Wake in fright.
Lose better.
Learn how to lose.
Sweat it.
Don’t day dream! Day mare!
Where men become boys.
And boys become girls and girls become men and grow chest hair.
There’s no agony in defeat.
The agony of victory, the thrill of defeat.
The very worst of the very best.
The only way to win is to lose.
Be a loser.
This takes talent.
Winning at losing.
There is strength in understanding your weakness.
The hardest easy thing to do.
You should be brave.
Do your fucking homework.
Fitted with a U-shape.
Fantasy football for very smart people… Or very dumb.
This is just ridiculous.
What the hay-ell?!
Like a pack of retards.
Upon Shetland ponies.
What fantasy was supposed to be.
Putting the fun back into fantasy.
Putting the ass back in fantassy.
Make your brain work.
Think u know football?
R u a man?
R u a woman?
Ur ultimate fantasy.
Just imagine.
Turning your losses into wins.
Turning losers into winners.
Ur worst nightmare.
The more u lose the more u win.
Get fucked.
the black hole of —–
Where no really does mean yes.
Honey’s good for you….. really good for you.
Check your skills… at the door.
Want to be a brain surgeon? Try nightmare.
Me suck you long time.
Dropping points like a wet pair of pants.
Get on your ass.
Get down.
We suck you long time.

Nightmare Football, LLC
Copyright ©2010-2016